Album review from L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal Star:
"Like Raitt, Blinn knows her way around the blues, working them into her rock ‘n’ roll"

"The independent rocker has a Nashville approach to her songwriting, keep it honest, keep it about real life and write great melodies and then, sing your heart out with a kickin’ band." - Steph Cosme, staccatofy


“'A Little Rain' starts off sounding like something leftover from a Petty recording session, but soon takes on a life of its own thanks to Blinn’s voice and the lyrics.  Once the chorus kicks in, you get wrapped up in the groove provided by the rhythm section and piano – and just try not to perk up when you hear Erica blow on her harmonica." - Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur, 100 Percent Rock Magazine.

"Chrissie Hynde kicks Ray Davies ass, Lydia Loveless opens wine bottles without a corkscrew - and now we have Erica Blinn tearing down and rebuilding motorcycles for fun and recreation. You gotta wonder what Ohio is feeding its daughters! Like her Midwest sisters, Blinn plays a wicked guitar and traffics in self-penned confessionals that straddle vulnerability and menace. But her attack is earthier, bluesier, more soulful. She doesn't explode; she slow-burns. Album opener "Softer Side" recalls a pre-bouffant Bonnie Raitt while Gypsy and Dreamers Heart are all Heartland swagger. The title track Better Than Gold would be all over country radio if life were fair." -Stephen Kilbride, WRFG Radio Free Atlanta

Dance with the One (Who Brought You Here): "The song is a short, snappy rock song - propelled by Blinn's rich, sultry vocals and her blistering harmonica work." - Ear to the Ground

Review of Lovers In The Dust by The Aquarian Weekly

"[Blinn] possesses skills on the harmonica and a set of rock ‘n’ roll pipes that’s reminiscent of Tuesday Night Music Club-era Sheryl Crow." - Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times, Knoxville, TN

"There’s a spectrum of skill in these songs that was planted with the seed of twang, but grew into a guitar-driven symphony of country-rock." -Jeremy Wood, Innocent Words

"Blinn packs enough smoldering sensuality into her material to light up a football stadium." -Lee Zimmerman, BLURT

"There's enough twang to establish her Americana cred, but Blinn's just a little too aggressive, a little too blunt, to play the coy country cowgirl." -Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops

"Damn if Blinn doesn’t know her way around a pop hook. The fact that this song begins with the chorus only drives the point home. Throw in some tasty organ and boogie-woogie piano riffs and you’ve got a keeper. Even better? There are ten more hook-laden gems to be found on her latest release." -Mayer Danzig, Twangville

"Despite being young, female and from Ohio, it seems clear Blinn shares a lot of musical sensibilities with that particular 63-year-old man [Tom Petty] from Florida." -Steve Patrick, Uweekly

Review of the album Lovers In The Dust by MICHAEL DOHERTY'S MUSIC LOG 

"Part Joan Jett, part Bonnie Raitt, Blinn rocks with enough blues and even country to garner wide appeal." This Week Community News

"This band flat out rocks. With an old school sound they deliver a guitar heavy attack..." -Chris Martin, Atlanta Live Music Examiner

"...a Midwestern beauty with a wistful voice and a country-rock sound somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow...” -Don Thrasher, Active Dayton

"Her album Lovers In The Dust immediately puts her on par with the ‘big’ women rockers of the last 20 years and will resonate with listeners from all sorts of lifestyles." -Eric Peterson, RUSTzine

"The music is part pop-rock, part country, sometimes bluesy, and at times, jamming." -Todd M. Godbout, MyJoog Blog

"Judging by the album’s first single, “Whiskey Kisses,” Lovers promises to be a far more personal affair. The bluesy rock number is littered with references to the emotional wreckage left in the wake of a broken relationship." -Andy Downing, Columbus Alive!

Local Limelight: Erica Blinn by Kevin Joy, Columbus Dispatch

"her rough-and-tumble rock tunes carry a whiff of Bonnie Raitt, with a saucy attitude and melodic twang that veers near to Nashville-ready country." -Chris Deville, Columbus Dispatch

"This is Midwestern, heartland rock 'n' roll with nods to other no-nonsense female band leaders like Chrissie Hinde and Pat Benetar." "Blinn is an up-and-coming Columbus girl with talent and spunk beyond her years."  -Joel Oliphint, The Other Paper,%20the%20Regionals%20-%20The%20Other%20Paper_%20Music_%20colin%20gawel,%20terry%20anderson,%20blinn,%20erica%20blinn,%20the%20regionals.pdf

"...If you're looking for a fresh sound with a retro feel, Erica Blinn is the complete package.  With stunning beauty, a Joplin-esque voice, and her Steven Tyler-like passion for music, Erica Blinn is a powerhouse!  Give her music a listen or see her live and you're bound to have the same reaction: jaw dropping, eye widening amazement.  Erica Blinn rocks!" -WLVQ Afternoons, "Joe Show" Pasternak