Lovers In The Dust (CD released 2014)


Lovers In The Dust (CD released 2014)


1. Whiskey Kisses 3:09

2. Let's Give Love 2:46

3. Let Me Be Yours 2:55

4. Sexy Mess 3:06

5. Need Somebody Tonight 3:09 with Devon Allman

6. Pull The Trigger 3:02*

7. How Lucky I Am 4:09

8. Home 2:27

9. Lovers In The Dust 3:17

10. Choices 3:55*

11. One Of These Days 3:14

12. Whiskey Kisses (reprise) 0:27


Produced by Mike Landolt

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Liner Notes:

Erica Blinn: lead vocals, guitars, harmonica.
PJ Schreiner: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Mark Nye: bass guitar, bass six, backing vocals
Greg Wise: guitars, lead guitar (1, 2, 8, 9, 11).
Andy Harrison: guitars, lead guitar (except 8), backing vocals (2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11).
Kevin Sweeney: organ, Rhodes, Wurli, piano (1, 2, 7).
Joe Peppercorn: organ, Wurli (2, 7, 8).                          
Devon Allman: lead guitar on 5.
Aaron Lee Tasjan: backing vocals (5, 7).
Angela Perley: saw (5, 7).
Jeff Martin: drum loop on 1, drum fills on 3.
Rick Kinsinger: keys, organ on 4, backing vocals on 6.
Colin Gawel: backing vocals (4, 6).
Terry Anderson: drums (6, 10).
Dave Bartholomew: electric guitar (6, 10).
Jack Cornell: bass guiter (6, 10).
Greg Rice: keys on 10.
Vincent Jones: piano, organ, Wurli on 6.

gang vocals & hand claps on 1 : Mark Nye, Aaron Lee Tasjan,  PJ Schreiner, & EB
gang vocals on 10: Colin Gawel, Rick Kinsinger, & EB
additional percussion by Landy & Sissy
Landy: drum loop beat on 3 & pedaling bridge bass on 11.

Devon Allman appears courtesy of Ruf Records
Aaron Lee Tasjan appears courtesy of First Of Three Records
Angela Perley appears courtesy of Vital Music USA

photography: Chantal Stone
design: Erica Blinn

produced, recorded, and mixed by Mike Landolt at Mike’s Curry House, Columbus, OH
mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering Los Angeles, CA

additional engineering by Rick Kinsinger, Jeff Martin, & Fred Blitzer
additional production by Andy Harrison

All songs written by Blinn & Gawel © *2011, 2013 Blinn Rae Music (ASCAP), Larry Funderbunk Music (ASCAP) except “Whiskey Kisses”, “How Lucky I Am”, “One Of These Days”, & “Home” written by Erica Blinn © 2013 Blinn Rae Music (ASCAP).

Curry House Records


to Mike Landolt and all the wonderful and talented musicians who played on this record. 

to PJ, Mark, & Greg: I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to spend the majority of my time with. To my supportive family, especially Dad, Mom, Trent, Carolyn, Uncle Garry, Aunt Bev, & my sister Casey: I love you all. To Devon Allman: for believing in me and offering guidance, friendship, and a multitude of opportunities to rock with you. To Andy Harrison: for the countless hours and fantastic ideas you’ve contributed to putting some beautiful icing on this cake. To Keith Jenkins, Terry Anderson, and Mike Nugen: for lending your ears and your talents to help shape a few of these tunes. To anyone who’s ever come to a show, bought us a drink, or let us sleep on their floor.

to Colin Gawel, and Will Kenworthy: 

for your continuing support and inspiration. 

And to...Dave Whinham, Chantal Stone, Brian Lucey, Cindy Vaughan, Dan Arrasmith, Paul Painter, Woodlands Tavern, Pati deVries (devious planet), John (JW) Williams, The Clarks, Watershed, Tom Bloomer, Ricki C., Delyn Christian, Mike Depew &  Ace In The Hole Music, Colin’s Coffee, Jerry, Kristie, Sue, Joe, Dan, & everyone at WLVQ 96.3 FM, Maggie Brennan (WCBE 90.5 FM), Eric French (WOSU 89.7 FM), Brian Phillips & Lesley James (CD 102.5 FM), Todd Dugan & Rumba Cafe, Quinn Fallon & Little Rock, everyone at Vital Film Works, and  OYO Whiskey.


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