50 Questions with Erica Blinn

Who are your five favorite bands? 
J. Geils (pre- "Love Stinks"), The Allman Brothers, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Thin Lizzy, The MC5.

Who are your five favorite solo artists?   
Susan Tedeschi, Bob Seger, Linda Ronstadt, John Hiatt, Kasey Anderson.

Have you ever shot a gun?
If yes, at what?
paper targets 
What are your five favorite albums?
"August And Everything After" - Counting Crows,  

What are your five favorite songs?
"Like Teenage Gravity" - Kasey Anderson, " 
Have you ever dug a grave?
If so, at what job?
Summer job at the City of Dublin 
If you could sing like a combination of two singers who would it be?
Don Henely & Mariah Carey. or Rod Stewart & 
What guitars do you currently own?
'77 Gibson Les Paul, '78 Gibson J-200, late 70s Gibson L6S, '65 & '69 Fender Mustangs, '68 Gibson Melody Maker, John Lennon signature epiphone Casino, '80 Gibson 'firebrand' SG.
What guitar do you wish you owned?
an old Gretsch electric hollowbody.  
What amplifiers do you play?
Fender Vibrolux, Fender Deluxe Reverb. 
Who inspired you to play Harmonica?
Delyn Christian and Magic Dick 
What are your favorite bars in Columbus?
Rumba Cafe, Dick's Den, Woodland's Tavern, any bar that sells cans of Blatz, Schlitz, Strohs, PBR, or anything else cheap & cold.
What are your favorite bars in Raliegh?
How old were you when you knew you wanted to play rock n roll for the rest of your life?
 seven years old.
How old were you at your first gig?
How old were you when you wrote your first song?
ten? twelve?...young. 
What is the most extensive repair job you have done on your motorcycle personally?
I tore the engine (883 ccs) apart and had the cylinders bored out to 1200 ccs then I re-built the engine with 1200 pistons.
What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever wore?
My grandma made my sister and I these awesome matching Little Mermaid costumes when we were little. Last year I went as a zombie and had latex 'skin' that peeled off... that was pretty sweet. I wore it on stage with The Apple Bottom Gang.
If you could go on a spending spree at any three stores where would you go?
Ace In The Hole Music (CDs & Records), someplace where they sell vintage guitars, someplace where they sell vintage cars & motorcycles. 
What movie do you find yourself watching over and over?
Harold & Maude, The Big Lebowski, Blazing Saddles, Drop Dead Gorgeous.
What would you cook if hosting a dinner party?
 BBQ ribs, asparagus, & mashed sweet potatoes.
What is your drink of choice on a hot day?
I love mojitos in the summer. 
In a snowstorm?
Where would you eat your last three meals?
Breakfast: Nancy's Home Cooking
Dinner: a nice steakhouse
Do you prefer the beach or mountains?
What are your three favorite cities to spend 24 hours?
I love Austin TX. I like Los Angeles but ONLY for about 24 hours... 
What three cities would you love to visit?
Chicago, Las Vegas,  
What is your favorite book/author?
The Bridges of Madison County - Robert J Waller. 
What qualities do you find attractive in a person?
Confidence, a kind heart, easy going, ability to have fun anywhere and with anyone.
What turns you off?
jealousy, bad attitudes, insecurities.
What are your three favorite concerts you have personally attended?
 Aerosmith with Cheap Trick, Bob Seger, Paul McCartney.
What are your favorite sports teams?
is bowling a sport? 
Smoke  y/n
 I like cigars.

Drink  y/n
 yes please!

Do you have any pets?
yeah, that thorn-in-my-side nineteen year old cat that I love with all of my heart. 
How many tattos do you have?
two swallows (one on each shoulder blade) and a large piece on my upper arm.
Did they hurt?
yes. a lot. especially the shoulder blades. 
What are your favorite TV shows?
I don't own a television but I like to watch DVDs of Arrested Development and Flight of The Conchords.
TV Stations?
I'm out of touch. 
Favorite website?
allreceipes.com and grooveshark.com
Where do you find new music?
 mostly from friends or local record store Ace In The Hole, sometimes from pandora.
What celebrity would you like to have a drink with?
Keith Richards 
What would you do if you couldn't play music?
 restore/rebuild classic cars & motorcycles.