Stephen Kilbride of WRFG Radio Free Atlanta reviews new album Better Than Gold

"Chrissie Hynde kicks Ray Davies ass, Lydia Loveless opens wine bottles without a corkscrew - and now we have Erica Blinn tearing down and rebuilding motorcycles for fun and recreation. You gotta wonder what Ohio is feeding its daughters! Like her Midwest sisters, Blinn plays a wicked guitar and traffics in self-penned confessionals that straddle vulnerability and menace. But her attack is earthier, bluesier, more soulful. She doesn't explode; she slow-burns. Album opener "Softer Side" recalls a pre-bouffant Bonnie Raitt while Gypsy and Dreamers Heart are all Heartland swagger. The title track Better Than Gold would be all over country radio if life were fair." -Stephen Kilbride, WRFG Radio Free Atlanta