"Softer Side" [Official Music Video] release today!

(Erica Blinn/Will Newsome) 
© 2015 Blinn Rae Music (ASCAP)/This Day Forever Music (ASCAP)/Curry House Music (ASCAP) 
Erica Blinn: lead vox, acoustic “Nashville” guitar
PJ Schreiner: drums, percussion
Michael Zimmerman: bass
Steven Cooper: slide guitar
Wade Cofer: electric “phase 90” guitar
Michael Talley: keys
Bree Frick, Colin Gawel, Mark Nye, & PJ Schreiner: backing vocals

Produced by Mike Landolt

Video directed by: Mike Darling & Angelica Star (Evalation productions)

"Whiskey Kisses" LIVE acoustic trio @ Kimbro's Franklin, TN

Here's a video of us playing @ Kimbro's in Franklin, TN as part of the Sidetrack Sessions. Our little broke down acoustic trio ain't too shabby! Andrew Leahey on lead guitar, PJ Schreiner hitting a snare drum with some rolled up magazines! Video by Evalation Media

"Whisky Kisses" by Erica Blinn LIVE at the Kimbro Pickin Parlor in Franklin, TN evalationmedia.com

Just two days 'till the release of Black Widows, the movie...

A dark comedy about three childhood friends who decide to enact seemingly harmless revenge on one's rapist only for things to spiral out of control over the course of an evening. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3986932/?ref_=fn_al_tt_3 See the new Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiLQkxnp0hw

Just two days until the release of Black Widows, the movie, which contains my song "Lover's In The Dust", on VOD, Cable and satellite platforms in the US and Canada.

Pre-order on iTunes: