Erica Blinn constructs American rock songs one earnest melody at a time. She forces Midwestern air through beat-up harmonicas and hammers out honest words that stretch and twist through her tunes. She bends the rules of the blues and knocks down the walls of pop music to create blue collar music that everyone can stand up for and be proud of.

Although it was her second time working with producer/engineer Mike Landolt (Maroon 5, Blues Traveler, OAR) as well as guitarist Andy Harrison, this record came with a lot of ‘firsts.’ Erica is joined on record by her backing band The Handsome Machine, and guests Ruf Records artist Devon Allman and First Of Three Records artist Aaron Lee Tasjan. “I like to think of this album as having a little something for everybody,” says Blinn, “It definitely has the rockers but it also has some more intimate songs as well as a couple of just plain fun ones that reach towards a more pop sound.”

Over the last year, Blinn and her band have logged 30,000+ miles in their van touring nationally. She has also shared stages with names like Blues Traveler, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Family Stone, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers and Devon Allman, just to name a few. 2015 finds Blinn and company writing new songs for an upcoming record, and continuously playing shows across this great nation.

"...a Midwestern beauty with a wistful voice and a country-rock sound somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Sheryl Crow...” -Don Thrasher, Active Dayton


50 Questions with Erica Blinn: A Conversation Between Erica and Colin Gawel

CG: Who are your five favorite bands? 

EB: J. Geils (pre- "Love Stinks"), The Allman Brothers, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Thin Lizzy, The MC5.

CG: Who are your five favorite solo artists?   

EB: Susan Tedeschi, Bob Seger, Linda Ronstadt, John Hiatt, Kasey Anderson.

CG: Have you ever shot a gun?

EB: yep 

CG: at what?

EB: paper targets, tin cans, clay pigeons

CG: What are your five favorite albums?

EB: “Live Bullet” - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
"August And Everything After" - Counting Crows
“Hope and Desire” - Susan Tedeschi
“Band of Gypsys” - Band of Gypsys (Hendrix, Miles, Cox)
“Sloppy Seconds” - The J. Geils Band

CG: What are your five favorite songs?

EB: "Like Teenage Gravity" - Kasey Anderson
“Take It To The Limit” - The Eagles
“Lost Your Number” - Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team
“Young And In Love” - Madison Square Gardeners
“Synthesizers” - Butch Walker

CG: Have you ever dug a grave?

EB: yes. 

CG: at what job?

EB: Summer job at the City of Dublin 

CG: If you could sing like a combination of two singers who would it be?

EB: Don Henely & Mariah Carey. or Rod Stewart & Etta James.

CG: What amplifiers do you play?

EB: Fender Vibrolux, Fender Deluxe Reverb. 

CG: Who inspired you to play Harmonica?

EB: Delyn Christian and Magic Dick 

CG: What are your favorite bars in Columbus?

EB: Rumba Cafe, Tree Bar, Dick's Den, Woodland's Tavern, any bar that sells cans of Blatz, Schlitz, Strohs, PBR, or anything else cheap & cold.

CG: What are your favorite bars in Raliegh?

EB: Sadlack’s, Slim’s, Deep South, Raleigh Times, Kings, The Pour House.

CG: How old were you when you knew you wanted to play rock n roll for the rest of your life?

 EB: seven years old.

CG: How old were you at your first gig?

EB: fourteen.

CG: What movie do you find yourself watching over and over?

EB: Harold & Maude, The Big Lebowski, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

CG: What is your drink of choice on a hot day?

EB: bourbon. 

CG: In a snowstorm?

EB: bourbon. 

CG: Do you prefer the beach or mountains?

EB: Beach 

CG: What is your favorite book/author?

EB: The Bridges of Madison County - Robert J Waller. 

CG: What are your three favorite concerts you have personally attended?

EB: Aerosmith with Cheap Trick, Bob Seger, Paul McCartney.

CG: What are your favorite sports teams?

EB: is bowling a sport? 

CG: What are your favorite TV shows?

EB: I don't own a television but I like to watch DVDs of Arrested Development and Flight of The Conchords.

CG: TV Stations?

EB: I'm out of touch. 

CG: Favorite website?


CG: Where do you find new music?

EB: mostly from friends or local record store Ace In The Hole, sometimes from pandora.

CG: What celebrity would you like to have a drink with?

EB: Keith Richards 

CG: What would you do if you couldn't play music?

EB: restore/rebuild classic cars & motorcycles.